The Saxon Scope

Matt Reichenbach
Hey guys, my name is Matt Reichenbach. I am a Junior here at Langley but this is only my second year on the Scope. Last year I was a Columnist for the Scope and did write a lot of Opinion but this year I will be one of the Feature Editors! I hope to bring a lot of fun energy and creativity to Feature in an attempt to put together interesting and innovative stories that really capture the idea of having a new Scope. I am so excited for all of you to read the Scope this year as hopefully it is new and improved! Aside from a deep interest in Journalism I play club Tennis and am a member of Spanish Honors Society and the Mentor/Mentee program. I’m known for being an overall enthusiastic guy always ready to laugh and make others laugh. If you see me around don’t be afraid to approach me with ideas for the Scope to make it more enjoyable for the student body! I look forward to a great, exciting year!

Matt Reichenbach, Feature Editor

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