So Far, Yet So Close


Science Olympiad takes second place

Matt Reichenbach, Columist

On Saturday March 22nd, Langleys Science Olympiad team placed second at the State Science Olympiad tournament after a nail-biting finish.  With Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology having 68 points and Langley having 76, TJ took the title of first place with Madison finishing third with 113 points.

Science Olympiad competitions consists of  various subjects like Engineering, Chemistry, Astronomy, and so on that require two students  to work together in order to complete generic standardized tests, experiments, or building challenges. In order to earn a medal, teams must be ranked in one of the top 6 places. These places are then added in each event to equal the entire team’s score; the lower the number the higher rank the school will place.

Despite such a close win against TJ, Senior Katherine Tan explains that “we all had so much fun bonding and competing alongside our teammates and with the help of our amazing coach Ms. Puhlick.” She also adds that that even though this was the last Science Olympiad competition as a team before the seniors graduate, “we tried our best and had an awesome time, so that’s what counts.”

When asked if TJ would lose against Langley next year, Tan responded “I can’t say for sure, but we are definitely bringing some tough competition next year…” The team remains optimistic and hopes that next year they can bring home the covenant trophy and first place title that the team so well deserves.