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The Saxon Scope

Don’t Cry for Me Langley Students, The Truth is I Never Left You
Don’t Cry for Me Langley Students, The Truth is I Never Left You
Ann Bedford Gillis, Reporter • January 13, 2022

The Saxon Writing Center is back, but in a slightly different way. Rather than being a class that happens during lunches, the Writing Center now occurs during Langley Links on the last day of...

 Photo Credit: Philip Perry
Decades of Education - Langley’s Longtime Teachers
Philip Perry, Reporter • November 5, 2021

Amongst the educators at Langley, there are many who have worked at the school for decades. These longtime teachers have witnessed an ever-changing school building, a technological revolution,...

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Saxon Holiday Season
Saxon Holiday Season
Allie Jones, Reporter • January 18, 2022

The two week break off of school for students makes the holiday season special, but celebrating the holidays is equally if not more important than the break for some Saxons. “My family makes...

The Crowd at Harry Styles’ concert at the Capital One Center in DC. The fans were all singing and dancing together.
Live Music’s Back
Allie Jones, Reporter • October 26, 2021

Almost 20 months ago the U.S. shut down due to COVID-19. No school, no work, no sports, no shopping, and no concerts. Recently, these things have been slowly shifted back to a new “normal.”...

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Spicy Sandwich Wars
Rayan Shakeel, Reporter • November 9, 2021

Three chicken sandwiches—Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes—were taste-tested to see which was the best, and based on a criteria of quality of flavor. The three sandwiches ranged from not...

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Lucy Chens podcast regarding custodians is featured on SoundCloud (Photo via SoundCloud).
Lucy Chen's Custodian Podcast
Lucy Chen, Student • January 5, 2021

The Washington Nationals were welcomed back into D.C. with a rousing chorus of cheers and festivities many Langley students attended to honor their victory (Photo by Emma Frank).
Saxons Speak - World Series
Kaitlin McDowell, Reporter • November 21, 2019

“I watched it to support the team. I really think the Nats did pull through, like early on in the season they were kinda rough, but once they started coming around to the world series, they...

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December 9th 6:00GymnasticsLangley VS George MarshallAt Marshall
December 10th WrestlingLangley VS Patterson MillAt Patterson Mill
December 10th 7:30Basketball (boys)Langley VS Falls ChurchAt Falls Church
December 10th 7:30Basketball (girls)Langley VS Falls ChurchAt Langley
December 14th 7:30Basketball (girls)Langley VS WakefieldAt Langley