The Saxon Scope

Boden Gentile, Reporter
May 14, 2019

After the SOL tests last year, new policies were put into place that revolutionized the way that the Virginia standardized exams were taken. The policy cut in half the number of required SOL tests for advanced and standard diplomas, a move that is intendedto meet multiple objectives including reducing...

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Ashley Saxenian, Business Manager
May 10, 2019

After being cancelled last year, Relay For Life is back for 2019. Last year in March, Langley McLean Relay ForLife began the planning of its annual event in May. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled. This year, however, a committee is formed and the event is right around the corner.   Relay...

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A Picture Worth a Thousand Words  

Kyle Hutchinson, Reporter
March 29, 2019

As we’re fortunate to enjoy the great resources and advanced learning devices we have at Langley High School, it is sometimes easy to forget that others in the world lack these items we take for granted....

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