The Saxon Scope

Big Steps for Saxon Stage 

Jane Fennell, Reporter
March 20, 2019

Three to four times each year, The Langley auditorium transforms from a regular room into anything from the streets of Buenos Aires, a Mississippi boot camp, or an island in Greece. Each Saxon Stage production...

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Private Bathrooms No More

Sawyer Blazar, Reporter
March 19, 2019

They’ve tried locking and closing the doors. They’ve tried stationing security guards inside. Now, Langley is taking the next step to prevent the rampant property destruction of the school’s bathrooms:...

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Changing the Conversation to Climate Change 

Colleen Sherry, Reporter
March 16, 2019

We’ve heard it on the news, in our social media, and from our scientific experts, but now, we are hearing about climate change from fellow students. On Friday, March 15th, over forty-five Langley...

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