• Sep 14, 9:09 amWELCOME BACK SAXONS!

The Saxon Scope

Masks and disinfectant have become essential supplies in light of COVID-19, and may continue to remain so through the school year (Photo by Chung).

Back to normal?

June 15, 2020

Healthcare recipients of Victoria Li's activism efforts thank her for providing them supplies during the pandemic (Photo by Li).

Saxons staying strong

June 11, 2020

Coronavirus has forced many teens to get creative with how they maintain workouts (Photo by Greenblatt).

Fit or foe

May 29, 2020

this is the only free picture of Langley I could find I'm sorry

A path forward

May 25, 2020

(From left to right) Sophomores Owen Kohm, Evan Preta, Eric Bellino, Will Jordan, and Ben Leone meet for an official meeting of the newest Langley Film Club (Photo by McDowell).

Screening for fun

February 26, 2020

Senior Peter Fox and junior Cole Sitilides perform lines during the winter production of Romeo and Juliet. The political twist on an old Shakespearean classic produced commentary on the current climate of policy many Saxons related to (Photo by Shakeel).

Stage. Set. Success.

January 29, 2020

From left to right: Caroline Cassidy, Alison Buckler, Rachel Rhee-Feitel, Olivia Carnot, Katherine Moe, Laila White, and Reese Villella pose with 6-year-old Sydney Belsher, a recovered cancer patient whose story inspired the girls to take action in conjunction with the Belsher family (Photo by Belsher).

Saxons: call to action

January 25, 2020

Junior Andrew Kim is behind the original Langley food review account, on Instagram as @thelhsfoodreview (Photo by Quinn Brown).

Food for thought

December 10, 2019