Stopping Hunger on a Global Scale, Locally

Stopping Hunger on a Global Scale, Locally

Langley students help in the Stop Hunger Now initiative.

Matt Reichenbach, Reporter

On Saturday, November 2nd, thousands of people gathered at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in McLean to do one thing–pack 300,000 meals to send to countries in need.

            Stop Hunger Now is an organization that provides great, sustainable meals to people in malnourished countries around the world. The group is well-renowned, packaging millions of meals every year around the country. In the McLean area alone, 1 million meals have been packaged; every year the goal is increased by fifty thousand meals, a goal that started five years ago.

There are three stations: Making, Weighing/Sealing, and Packing/Shipping. These stations work together effortlessly with the help of runners who help relay food bags from the different stations. Over fifty thousand meals were made in about an hour and a half.

Throughout the day, the workers were entertained by the DJ and various speakers who helped pump up their morale.

Sophomore  Kendall Deese said, “I had lots of fun doing Stop Hunger Now because it was just a fun thing to do and it helps a lot of people.”

Many Langley students participated in Stop Hunger Now through a variety of organizations such as Key Club, crew, Junior Civitan Club, and volleyball.

10th grader Edward Hutchinson said, “I was looking for a charity event to join, and it seemed fun so why not?!”

 Deese added “I have really wanted to do it for the past couple of times but this is the first time I actually could do Stop Hunger Now.”