iOS7: A New Leaf for Apple, but is it Rotten?


An iPhone running the new iOS7 operating system

Matt Reichenbach, Reporter

Millions of people, all at the same time, one o’clock in the afternoon, iOS7 was released to the public, and it hit hard and fast, be sure you have time to wait though.

iOS7 is the new processing system for most Apple products; these products include recent versions of the iPad and recent versions of the iPhone. Apple was due for changes and people love the new system, although these changes come with a long download time, for me it took about 2 hours.

As most people use the iPhone at Langley, I will mainly talk about the iPhone changes. iOS7 features many new features for the phone, offering new and improved changes to almost all aspects of the device. The whole interface of the phone is changed and the feel is very modern, almost sassy in a way.

Apps look new and shiny and as a whole, the phone looks cleaner. The App Store and iTunes are also different. The App Store features a section on apps that work in your area and iTunes boasts a new idea called iTunes Radio.

The concept is simple; you can download radio stations both new and old and have the opportunity to buy songs right off the radio station and have them right on your phone. The camera is also improved. All types of camera shots are available on the screen and with the helpful addition of a series of tones and shades; the camera is now widely useful for the Instagram addict.

For the organization addict, iOS7 has many additions for you. Folders can now hold an infinite number of apps, there is no longer a need for four folders for the same type of app, like games, lots of games. Control Center is also a new feature. You can open control center in any app and at the home screen. Through control center you can turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, do not disturb, and the screen lock on and off. Brightness, volume, music volume, flashlight, easy access to clock, calculator, and camera are also included.

iOS7 is definitely a talk of the town lately. It’s an intriguing idea for a device that hit the market in 2001 and Apple really reinvented how the phone works. There are tons of features that are included with the update that would take five pages for me to describe but I covered the ones that I think are interesting.

Personally, iOS7 is hard to master at first, the way the apps gracefully explode open and shrink to a close and the ever confusing 3D home screen make it so the apps float over your background really make my head hurt, but I still love the update. It’s different, it makes having an iPhone seem cool and fresh with tons of cool features right at your fingertips. Unfortunately, I did hear that iPhone 4 users will experience an overall slower interface but I’m sure Apple will resolve the problem very soon.