Tumbling Out of Control


Matt Reichenbach

Matt Reichenbach, Columnist

Walking to the bus, riding the bus, at school, walking home from school, and sitting around the house, even lying in bed at 11:30 at night; I am on Tumblr.

Not many people use Tumblr and I don’t know why not. For those that don’t really know about Tumblr it’s basically your own blog. A blog that you can post videos, pictures, anything you want onto. From your blog, people can reblog and spread it through the “tumblr” community. I mainly repost because I am lame and don’t have any witty or clever things to post.

I once saw a post saying “I now know why Tumblr got its name because once you start it’s all downhill from there.” I can’t agree more with this statement. I started in late august because my friend made the mistake of introducing me to her blog. At first I was kind of skeptical and thought it was just a huge waste of time. Soon I was going through feed after feed, adding hundreds of posts to my blog every day.  On the statistical side I went from 0 posts in late august to over 15,000 posts currently (am I addicted?) They’ve been right about it being a waste of time, but it’s too late to quit now!

I mainly repost crazy stuff, stuff that will probably haunt in ten years but for now I laugh so hard when I get on my blog. This is where Tumblr shines. All of your likes are on a blog for people that you don’t even know to see . But this is also where Tumblr can indeed tumble down. Anons. Anon is the death. You are scrolling through your feed an all of a sudden, *bing, you have a message. You wish that the message is from a much respected follower but nope, you have gotten an anon. Anon stands for anonymous, and they will pester you till the end of time.

Tumblr does something unique. Not only does it allow you gather your likes on a blog it allows you to connect with people that have those similar likes and connect by messaging. Tumblr may seem like something that will ruin your life but in fact it makes it better because it isn’t like other social media sites in that it gives you the opportunity to create your own blog and it becomes a huge part of your life in the process.