“Is There Any Food Here?”


Matt Reichenbach

Matt Reichenbach, Columnist

From Hunger Games and Catching Fire and now the upcoming movie American Hustle, Jennifer Lawrence can play any role. I don’t think anyone can hate her; she is the epitome of a young star that acts like a teenager. Where do I even begin with describing the celestial goddess known as Jennifer Lawrence?

On Red Carpets she dresses in a great and more importantly a normal way. She is not Miley Cyrus and she is not Heidi Klum; she has found a perfect balance and it fits her. I’ve watched countless snippets of her interviews with various entertainment networks and I have found that she is literally me and every other teenager I know. She always asks if there is food and the facial expressions she makes are hilarious. It depicts an almost childish side to Lawrence’s character which I love.

Even though Lawrence is an actress, I can’t tell you enough how down to earth and sarcastic she is. She represents a lot of what we teenagers say and how we act. She’s sarcastic, humorous, and acts like everyone’s best friend. She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to break the common social norms that plague society to this day like self-image and bullying.

I’ve never heard of someone quite like Lawrence, a celebrity that has better things to do with her life instead of drinking and getting into trouble. She is different in that she represents the younger generation in how she acts, talks, and responds to people who think of her negatively. She has grown to become a great role model for many people and grab the attention of many teenagers through her attitude and personality. For me, she is great and I can’t even stress enough on how much I want to befriend her.