Review: LEGO Movie


The Lego Movie proves an all around crowd-pleaser.

Matt Reichenbach, Columnist

Let me start off by saying  I loved Legos. As a kid, Legos were a great way to spend my time on a rainy day or when there was nothing better to do with my time. Obviously, as I’m getting older, Legos are more and more designed for the younger generation. But that doesn’t mean the idea of Legos has to go away; an idea of creativity and expression; an ability to build and create. Taking this idea, The Lego Movie culminates all of these ideas into a fantastic movie; one that features comedic elements for all ages and the wholesome idea of what it means to be a kid.

Surprisingly, a movie all about Legos has an entertaining story. President Business, a big corporation leader, has divided the Lego universe into sections and has captured Master Builders who can build objects out of their surroundings in order to prevent ideas of expression and creativity from spreading. With the introduction of Emmett, an ordinary construction worker who has been brainwashed by President Business into following an everyday manual (a Lego building manual) that tricks him and the rest of Lego city into living a life on repeat. Emmett stumbles upon Wildfire, a Master Builder who wants to stop the evil plans of President Business and from then on the story escalates. Master Builders are introduced along the way, featuring many of the Lego franchises such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Shaquille O’Neal, Abe Lincoln, and many more. The movie stands out graphically as well. Everything from the rolling waves of the ocean to little details in backgrounds, are all made of the classic colorful Lego

I will admit, I did laugh a lot at this movie. The references are spot on and some jokes have adult laughs as well. Batman is made into a serious, dramatic, drama queen while the relationship between Superman and Green Lantern is compared to a fan girl and Justin Bieber. But I can’t lie, Chris Pratt steals the show as Emmett, an ordinary character thrown into a crazy world that he never knew existed. There he learns more about the world, but more importantly, he learns something about himself.

The Lego Movie is a fantastic, genuine homage to the classic toys most of us played with as kids. The comedy is pure gold in this movie and it really highlights the ideas of what Legos are meant to be; a way of creative expression and imagination. I recommend this movie for anyone, whether they have experienced Legos or not and for any age. The Lego Movie contains everything that is awesome.