The Saxon Scope


American Scholastic Press Association
2019: First Place Award
2018: Second Place Award

JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention
2018: Write-Off Honorable Mention in Photography (Alex Driscoll)
2018: Write-Off Honorable Mention in Feature Writing (Mia Givens)

National Student Press Association
2019: Quill & Scroll Student Representative (Colleen Sherry)
2018: Pacemaker Finalist
2012: Honorable Mention-Newspaper Spread Design of the Year (Na He Jeon and Cathy Kiess)
2011: Online Pacemaker Finalist
2011: All-American rating (highest possible)
2011: Honorable Mention-Editorial Cartoon of the Year (Na He Jeon)

Virginia High School League
2018: First Class Publication Achievement Award
2013: High School Journalist of the Year (Aimee Cho)
2010: Trophy Class Publication (highest possible)
2010: 1st-Sports Feature Story Contest (Blair Purdy and Emily Flessas)

Ball State University Journalism Contests-Staff
2013: 1st-Website Overall, 1st -Web Homepage Design, 3rd-Print Overall
2012: 2nd-Website Overall

Ball State University Journalism Contests-Individual
2013: 1st-Cover Design (Harris LaTeef)
2013: 1st-Infographic (Na He Jeon)
2013: 1st-Feature Page Design (Na He Jeon)
2013: 3rd-Feature Page Design (Blair Purdy)
2013: 2nd-Sports Page Design (Emily Flessas)
2013: 3rd-Sports Page Design (Na He Jeon)
2012: 1st-News Photo (Aimee Cho)
2012: 1st-Photo Illustration (Na He Jeon)
2012: 1st-Multi-Page Layout (Na He Jeon and Cathy Kiess)
2012: 2nd-Multi-Page Layout (Na He Jeon and Kelsey Rook)
2012: 2nd-Personality Feature Writing (Aimee Cho and Arianna Talaie)
2012: 3rd-Sports Page Design (Aimee Cho and Tommy Orme)
2012: 3rd-Cover Design (Rosie Brock)