Second quarter; more breaks but more stress


More breaks means more empty hallways.

Matt Reichenbach, Reporter

First quarter is finally over, hopefully for the better, but with it comes a new quarter: second quarter. I am proud to report that this quarter is longer than it has been in the past years.

Hopefully you’ve tied up any loose ends you’ve accumulated throughout the first quarter, because it’s over; take a deep breath, enjoy a long four-day weekend and prepare for the next quarter. This year, second quarter is now longer than it has been in the previous years; this is because we have more breaks. Winter break is now a full two weeks long this year, the longest it’s ever been. For the most of us, we deserve this long break.

Even though we have more breaks, the quarter is extended, which allows assignments and tests to pile on, making us students more aware that we have to keep focused on the task ahead. “It’s going to be stressful; longer change to mess up a grade,” said Emma Marcille.

The idea that second quarter is now longer has students beginning to reflect on what went wrong in the first quarter so they don’t make these same mistakes in the next quarter. “I have to change my study habits; I can’t study for a test the night before anymore. I also have to do test corrections when teachers allow them, they will definitely help me,” said Marcille.

Second quarter will force us to be able to focus on school for a longer time, which currently is hard for me in general, but with it comes longer breaks that break up the stress.