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Nik Popli, Managing Editor

Hi, I’m Nik Popli! It's an honor to serve as Managing Editor of The Saxon Scope in my final year at Langley HS. In four years of student journalism, I've learned so much about my interest in connecting with our community to engage in dialogue which creates effective change. Working together as a dedicated team of reporters and editors to make sure our website and newsmagazine are visually appealing and relevant, our community of student journalists remains committed to bringing you the latest news in a timely manner. We’ve embraced technology with video news clips, digital graphics and an instant social media presence to keep you informed and engaged at all times. I hope you enjoy reading our articles this year, and always remember: #HAILSAXONS!


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Administrators discovered swastikas and other hate speech on school bathroom walls, halls and desks.

Hate Goes To School

March 30, 2017
Photo by Nik Popli

Taking Out the Trees

November 16, 2016
Photo by Nik Popli

Snapshot: New Hallways

November 11, 2016
Behind the Walls

Behind the Walls

April 12, 2016
The data in this graph was collected through a poll of Langley students by grade to see how many students take advantage of an extra hour to sleep or to study. As it turns out, sleeping in is the most popular option for freshmen and seniors!

The End of an Era

April 28, 2015
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