My Winter Break Prank

Michael Levetown, Columnist

Pranks are super important during winter break especially late at night. The first thing I will be doing is waking up in the night and walking downstairs Pink Panther style. When I am walking, and this is a must, I quietly hum the Pink Panther song to myself. Dada dada dada dada dada dada dadaaaaaa dadada. I open the refrigerator and then take a quick look around. The first thing that looks the most scandalous is the whip cream canister. I grab it. Now I go back upstairs the same style. I do the creep into the bedroom of my choice. I chose my sister Jenna. Her fate has been decided. I tip toe in my Jawwdinz, to the side of the bed. The anticipation to spray her face is killing me. I wipe my sweaty forehead with my sweatband. I slowly shake that bad boy. I proceed to go to TOWN! PSHSHSHHSHHSHSH. “What the heck!!! What are you doing! MICHAEL! MOOOMMM!!!” I run from the demon and jump into bed and laugh my behind off. Until… “MICHAEL GET DOWN HERE!!!” The wicked witch has awakened.