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Saxon Gift Guide

Even though the holidays are over, you can still use this gift guide when you’re buying birthday presents!

Fashion Fever

Langley was filled with pink decorations for Fashion Show Tryouts, resulting in success.

Grand Revival

Grand Revival, consisting of students from Langley, South Lakes, Marshall and Thomas Jefferson, is a hard-rock band with some occasional metal influence.

Four Lokos Craze

An alcoholic coffee drink is becoming alarmingly popular among young people.

Top 10 Holiday Movies

Shams Haidari provides a look at the most beloved movies of all time.

Big Man on Campus

Mr. Corey Bowerman will take on the role of Assistant Principal for the class of 2012 following the retirement of current AP Michelle Norrell on January 1.


Have you seen the Fox show everyone at Langley is talking about?


Reporter Rosie Brock reviews the new hit movie.

Our Backyard Full of Bodyguards

During their freshman year of winter track, juniors Neil Patil and Marc Cho were told to run to the CIA and back. Little did they know, there is a thin line between the CIA bubble of security and a public road. 

Defining the Board

The school board plays one of the most important roles in the business that goes on in the school, but only a few students truly know what they are.

Why You Should CARE

With CARE club not taking place this year, we lose important community service  like raising the awareness of the deadly disease and raising money going towards finding the cure.

Behind the Scenes of Yearbook

Take an exclusive look at what goes into the production of the yearbook.

Langley Mythbusters

There are lots of different rumors going around the area about Langley students. Some are completely ridiculous, while a few have some truth to them. Take a look!

Saxons on (and off) Stage

Congratulations to the “Midsummer Night’s Dream” cast and crew for their hard work and great performances.

Fighting Hate, One Voice at a Time

The Langley Madrigals were one of the select high school choir groups that received the opportunity to sing with the National Symphony Orchestra.

Every Year Matters

Throughout the four years of high school the freshmen grow taller, the classes get harder, and the grades aren’t  unswerving A’s. Which is why leading up to senior year, students begin to realize that college is right around the corner, and what they’ve been doing in school really does matter.

Fatal Attraction

It’s that time of the year again. As college students press pause to campus life and venture home for the holidays, seasonal festivities are not the only celebrations of their visit.  The reuniting of college students with high school friends boosts partying up an entire notch, and amplifies the worst of both worlds: alcohol and inexperienced driving.

Westfield Honor Code Goes Over the Top

A heightened vigilance on cheating is prevalent throughout Fairfax County, not just at Langley.

Feeding 1,000

Langley students and local families gathered at the McLean Baptist Church in an effort to feed 1,000 needy individuals in the Washington D.C. metro area.

Rally to Restore Sanity

Witty signs, costumed attendees, and Langley students were among the 215,000 that swarmed the National Mall on October 30 for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s ‘Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.’

Saxon Country’s Clubs

A look at some of the clubs at Langley.

Holiday Series

The holiday season is fast approaching.  Over the next two months, students at Langley will be celebrating a slew of different holidays, such as Eid-al-Adha, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, the Islamic New Year, and Christmas.  To honor these many different holidays, the Saxon Scope will be publishing a series of articles on the holidays celebrated by a variety of cultures and religions! 

Teachers Put the Trick in “Trick or Treat!”

To celebrate Halloween, Langley teachers came to school dressed in creative costumes.

Broadcast Journalism

Take a look behind the scenes of the class that brings you the morning announcements and “Saxons on Six” every day during Saxon time!


Legal marijuana has been around since the mid 90’s, but has been gaining popularity in recent years, especially with high school students.