The Saxon Scope


Track Talk

Columnist Tommy Orme provides insight into the grueling torture that is winter track.

Sleepless in School?

According to a survey, only 31% of Langley students get enough sleep each night.

Siblings Behind Schedule

As upperclassmen scramble to get to school, siblings hold them up.

It’s Beginning to Look Too Much Like Christmas

It seems that those who decide to celebrate the more obscure December holidays are forced to hide from the public eye.

AP vs Regular

Many teachers who teach both AP classes and regular classes seem to be treating their regular classes the same as their AP classes.

A/B Honor Roll

Why shouldn’t the people who work hard year round and get A’s and B’s be recognized?

Controversy Over Class Rank

Recently, a list of class rank by GPA was posted in the activities hallway. It caused quite a ruckus among students, with people arguing about privacy issues and competitive tensions forming between the upper echelons of the classes.

Morphsuit Menace

With the introduction of morph suits as spirit wear this school year, many have been donning the full-body cover and shielding their faces. As adventurous as it sounds, in this case mysteriously masked figures are no hidden heroines to welcome.

Preps vs. Nerds: Athlete Style

Is playing up the widely-known reputations of other schools really disrespectful?

Too Close for Comfort

Production manager Cathy Kiess describes her attempt to drive to Tysons on a Friday afternoon.

Cancer Awareness Crosses a Line

Many have seen them. Thick, colored bands with gigantic font plastered across them, clasped around peoples’ wrists. Except there’s one thing other than their neon colors or the fact that they’re twice the size of a Livestrong bracelet that attracts the attention of many: the word “boobies.”

The Future of Our Country

News editor Morgan Sasser provides her opinion on Obama’s proposition that the school year be lengthened.

From the Eyes of the Painted

Lizzie Schott provides an insight into the freshman view of the infamous Color Day tradition.