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Hannah Curtis

Hannah Curtis, Managing Editor of Design

Hey guys I'm Hannah Rae Curtis, daughter of the loving and stunning John and Lysol. Reaching new heights at a mere 6'3&1/2", senior year is off to a great start as I am one of two esteemed design managing editors. I'm here for a good time, mostly comprised of chocolate milk, the occasional volleyball bump and peeling sunburns off other people. To give you a little more insight on the real hannah curtis, when I was a mere dumpling at the age of 3, I cried when I had to flush the toilet because I was and am not a fan of losing. That dedication and can do attitude has followed me into my academic and athletic career where I excel at computer programming, speech and debate and of course varsity journalism. Three years on the bench has finally paid off and I can proudly say I am following in the footsteps of my lord and savior Matthew Reichenbach.

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Dr. Rivera Resigned

Hannah Curtis, Feature Editor
April 15, 2016
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