What is YOUR American Story?

Representing diversity through art exhibit submissions


Last years DIVERSEartLANGLEY winners

On February 27, 2023, there will be a second DIVERSEartLANGLEY exhibition held at Langley Hall from 6pm-8pm presented by the school’s PTSA that targets Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The theme of this year’s art exhibit is “American Voices Telling American Stories: What is YOUR American Story?”

“We were trying to figure out what would be interesting events to pull people together in community and conversation about the various aspects of diversity and inclusion that are part of our conversations already in this community,” Heather Murphy Capps said. 

She works alongside Stefanie Stayin in the PTSA DEI board. 

The purpose of this year’s art exhibition is to target everybody’s voices as Americans and for students to be able to express their stories through their artwork. 

“One of the topics that is swirling around in history and education in our country is this idea of whose history is being taught, when we are learning about the history of our country.” Stayin said. 

The winner of last year’s DIVERSEartLANGLEY exhibition shares why he decided to submit a piece of art, “I think diversity in art is very important because art in the public eye is how people see themselves represented, so it’s important that we incorporate diverse identities and just diverse subjects.” Zachary Ulman, sophomore, said. 

Not only can students connect with others, but by participating there are prizes for the top 3 winners who are voted on by everyone who attends the event. Students who attend the event, will receive an hour of community service time offered by Ms. Greer. 

When creating their art piece, participants have many different forms of artwork to choose from, including, paintings, drawings, sculptures, literature, theater/cinema, music, dance, and architecture. 

To submit a piece of your own artwork, you can turn it in before school starts from 7:45am-8:10am at the DIVERSEartLANGLEY table set up in Langley Hall on February 20th and 21st. If you have late submissions or any further questions, please email Heather Murphy Capps at ([email protected]) and Stefanie Stayin at ([email protected]).