Saxon Stage Presents Spring Musical: Urinetown


Welcome to Urinetown! Langley High School’s Saxon Stage presents Urinetown, a hilarious musical about human rights, romance, revolutions…and toilets. Urinetown most notably won the  Best Book and Best Score at the 2002 Tony Awards and is a musical comedy fit to make all audiences laugh, from Saxon Stage to Broadway.

In Urinetown (…the musical, of course) citizens must pay a fee to go to the bathroom at designated public amenities, controlled by an all-powerful corporation and its police. It’s against the law to pee for free, and the consequences are high: all violators of the law are sent to the fabled place, Urinetown, as punishment. After a new bathroom fee hike, resentment grows among citizens, and a rebellion roars across the city. All the while, families are torn apart, young lovers bond, corporate interests soar, and a polarizing class war rages on.

Urinetown is a musical that pokes fun at musicals, and the Saxon Stage students are having laughs from script to stage. Performers are busy learning their lyrics and lines, rehearsing ensemble dance choreography, researching political principles discussed in the story, and chuckling backstage at the comedy onstage in the show. Tech students spent afternoons constructing a large platform set fit with a sewer system crawl space, designing stylized costume and makeup looks for each Urinetown character, and implementing a new surround sound system in the Langley auditorium.

Snag your tickets at or at the door. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for students, and $5 for seniors. Performances are April 20th, 21st, and 22nd at 7pm and April 23rd at 2:30 pm in the Langley High School Auditorium (Door #14) at 6520 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22101.

Cast and crew includes Ethan Bhatia, Tess Jannery-Barney, Conor Farah, Talia-Rose Diorio, Peter Thoreson, Zachary Ulman, Neev Poran, Cooper Short, Sarah Hilton, Wesley Smith, Catherine Knecht, Scarlett Spano, Brady Kastner, Nico Morandi-Zerpa, Evey Burnette, Josephin Friedrich, Julian Gaines, Frankie Diorio, Kimi Pathak, Katie Murchison, Sarah Shilinsky, Skye Feinstein, Anna Cox, Abhi Mogili, Chloe Stuckey, Lorna Evans, Elena Merrills, Sophia Colaiacovo Flanders, Hannah Chuh, Cayla Freedlander, Atlas Zecca, Ashraya Suri, Lucia Aguilar, Izzy Steenburgh, Jenny Mears, Daniel Qiu, Caroline Mayer, Q Sabir, Conner Tone, Luka He, Tori Ransom, Klaus Kizelewicz, Killian Korchnak, Mo Rees, Vick Scarpato, Aanya Shah, Sreeja Vemuri, Mia Laws, Aryana Molaiy, Renée Guillaumin Pérez, Clemence Zou, Jenny Wang, Siy Schroeder, Vick Scarpato, Mia Laws, Lily Tani, Izzy Montesinos Davis, Melania Kolico, Anna Jordan, Andy Powell, Lindsay Nguyen, Nate Lee, Shae Tu, Cassie Keating, Erin Young, Aanya Shah, Sreeja Vemuri, Winter O’Rourke, Cara DeFilipps, Annabelle Bozarth, Gauri Pillai, Charlotte Gould, Alina He-Cheng, Lily Bowers, Clara Baker, Renée Guillaumin Pérez, Tori Ransom, Gray Czarnecki Larrisa Criddles, Hannah Whalen, Logan Dooley, Max Heine, Jackie Gauthier, Clemence Zou, Abby Kang, Sophia Christiano, Max Heine, Ellie Fox, Catherine Dunn, Rey Said, Mars Gilmore.

Urinetown was produced on Broadway in September 2001 by the Araca Group and Dodger Theatricals in association with TheatreDreams, Inc., and Lauren Mitchell. Urinetown is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI.) All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Music & Lyrics by Mark Hollman. Book & Lyrics Greg Kotis.