New titles, new program

How Langley is changing their summer reading program

Kaitlin McDowell, Reporter

As the school year winds down, many students begin to wonder what work they will have to do over the summer, such as summer reading. In the past, all Langley students participated in The Langley Read. Freshmen and sophomores read the same book, which was selected by Langley’s staff and the same for the juniors and seniors. At the beginning of each new school year teachers would discuss this selected book with their students and quiz them on it. However, there will be no Langley Read this summer. Instead Langley students will be given the option to participate in the Celebration-of-Reading program.

“Students will have access to a list of books recommended by staff members and students will also be given access to various book challenges,” said English teacher, Vivian Jewell. Not only is this program voluntary, but students have the choice of what book they want to read. Students may select a book to read from a list of staff recommended books. After reading as many of these books as they choose,the students will receive raffle tickets, prizes, and parties. The students will also have the opportunity to discuss the book they read with the teachers that recommended them.

“The new program hopes to create a celebratory atmosphere, one in which reading is purely for enjoyment,” said Jewell. Langley felt that the Langley Read was adding unnecessary stress to students’ lives. They feel as though reading should be fun and that students often do not have enough time to read for fun during the school year. This program also hopes to improve students’ relationships with their teachers by giving them opportunities to talk about subjects unrelated to grades.

“I think with a wider variety of books students will be excited to read what they enjoy,” said freshman, Travis Bendler. The fact that students can choose the book they want to read will make reading more enjoyable for students. This will make reading seem less like homework and more like a choice.

“With this new program,students will be more motivated to read,” said freshman, Nicole Popenko.This new summer reading program gives students the freedom to choose books they are interested in, making reading more fun. Students also have an incentive to read with the opportunity to win prizes. The new Celebration-of-Reading program hopes to de-stress students by helping them find enjoyment in reading. All Langley students will benefit from participating in the Celebration-of-Reading program over the summer, and will have the chance to win prizes!