Big Game, Big Expectations

A Preview on The Upcoming McLean Langley Match

Jane Fennell, Reporter

Officially we are in the midst of basketball season, and with the season comes what many students
consider to be one of the most exciting sports events of the year: the McLean game. Langley
and McLean face off twice each season, the first game being today, Friday, January 11th at
McLean. Langley students are buzzing with excitement to attend the game with friends and
cheer on the team. However, the players themselves are facing some stress.
“I do feel more pressure to play well on Friday night because it’s against McLean, and rivalry
games like that are always a big deal,” sophomore, Cole Withers said. Withers is in his first year
on the varsity basketball team, a rare feat for a sophomore, and says he is more nervous than
excited for Friday’s match, because last year’s team left some room for improvement, losing
the away McLean game. Adding strain to the team is their record. Langley has only won one
game out of seven this year, while Mclean has won six out of their ten.
“I don’t think it’s that important that our team is really good, but winning the McLean game
always makes things more fun,” junior, Clara Nickles said. Nickles is a fan of Langley basketball,
and attends as many games as she can. Like many students, she appreciates the basketball
aspect of attending games, but she more attends for the social side and to showcase her Saxon
The amount of spirit and excitement students have for the game motivates the varsity players to
work their hardest in order to play their best. The team has been practicing each afternoon for
weeks leading up to Friday, running drills, conditioning, and working on refining their skills, all in
the hopes that they will pull through and not let their school down for the big game. “I think we’re
as prepared as we possibly could be for this game, and if it isn’t enough, then it just isn’t
enough.” Said Withers.