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James Spear
Hello, my name is James Spear. I’m a junior news editor for the Saxon Scope and a varsity runner for Cross Country. I try to work hard, study fluently and succeed academically. I’ve lived overseas, and I believe that one of my best qualities is the open mind I possess. I work in the seventh period, but if anyone needs help or assistance, I’m more than willing to offer a hand. I didn’t think I would have hip problems until I was at least 80, but here we are. My name is James Spear, and I’m the kind of idiot that needs an ambulance after a Cross Country meet. I’m the sixth period feature editor, and I have the do-or-die attitude that often leads to decent stories and the blissful realm of unconsciousness on multiple occasions. Journalism is a passion, and the power of the tongue is often underestimated; whole nations can rise and fall with a few words. Working under Mrs. Mitro, I’ve learned that the same thing can happen with grades. It’s good to be back.

James Spear, News Editor

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