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Veronica Smith

Veronica Smith, Alumni

I'm the Executive Business Editor of yours truly, the Saxon Scope. I was the Executive Business Editor last year with my wonderful assistant, Tyler Seckar, but this year we are executives together and I couldn't be happier. I started as a staff writer my freshman year and then became the Assistant Business Editor my sophomore year. This will be my fourth and final year of journalism. But being the Business Editor is not my entire life, I am also one of the team captains of Langley's Varsity Girls Golf Team. I've been on the golf team for four years now. I'm extremely excited for my final year at Langley and especially for senior trips, football games, ANGP, and to finally graduate! The Saxon Scope is a great way to get all the information about Langley in one newsmagazine and website. It is a publication you will not want to put down, even if your teacher asks you to during class. I hope you enjoy the Saxon Scope just as much as I have

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