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Rebecca Canfield

Rebecca Canfield, Managing Editor of Design

Hello!! My name is Rebecca Canfield and I am one managing editor of design this year. I am about 5'4," a mere shrimping one might say. My hobbies include knitting, scrapbooking, coin collecting, indoor rock climbing, and moana. I have three dogs, frequently compared to rats, and a pet snake, also known as my father Eugene. Also I have 6, yes 6, pet rocks. Another thing I truly love is Francesca's. If you haven't heard of her, she is my residence where I dazzle our customers with EXTENSIVE stylistic novice with my child Cornemelia. I have been compared to quite a few. First and foremost, Edna Mode from the incredibles. Others include: a mean witch, a pug, a salt shaker, and a beach ball. A four time champion of chocolate milk pong, Rebecca Canfield is a true inspiration.

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