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Billy Orme

Billy Orme, Alumni

My name is Billy Orme. I’m no longer a journalism prodigy because my big brother Tommy is gone and he has given me his J-lism wings. I really miss the old days of journalism where Will ‘J-Stew’ Khairalla would sing to me or when Mac Trainor wrote my first bio. I miss those guys, but the times have changed and I am now taking over the journalism classroom by storm with my handsomeness, awesomeness, creativeness, strength, and my honor. I do so many things here at Langley, it’s hard to count, but I’m going to count them. Number 1, I play lacrosse. I like to say I’m a state champion because I am one and you are not. Some people like me some people don’t, so I can promise you there is no grey spot in between. Number 2, I’m an awesome journalist and amuse people with my great articles. Number 3, I’m a state champion. Number 4, I’m on the COMM team. I’m the best anchor in all the land and I know it. That’s why I just told you.  Number 5, I walk around and I spread wisdom through my actions. Never mind what I said before, everyone loves me. Number 6, the number 6 is how many girlfriends I have right now. People love me. Girls love me. Number 7, the number of girlfriends I have now, because I’m spitting my game as we speak, but we’re not speaking, because I’m talking and I’m important. Number 8, Brian Ochoa’s number in Lacrosse. Creepy, that’s how people like to describe me, as creepy. Just like Joey Trippi I get my creep on. Shout out to Joey, because I love that kid. Number 9, I’m a state champion. I really have lost my train of thought because I don’t care about this bio. Just kidding I love journalism. I’m also sarcastic, but what I just said was the only sarcastic thing I’ve said so far. I’m not kidding, so deal with it. Number 10, the number 10 describes how old I truly am.

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