A Look Back at Volleyball’s Spectacular Season

The Langley volleyball team makes states after a nearly undefeated season


The 2022 volleyball season, August 16-November 12, was one of the best seasons Langley’s varsity volleyball team has ever played. Winning every single match of the regular season, the team made it all the way to state championships without suffering a single loss.

“This season we had very even, high level competitors in every single position, which led to such a great season,” Head Coach Susan Shifflett said. 

This year’s team was a mix of every grade level, but were all very close and connected regardless of age. 

“The players got along really well; not only on the court, but they were friends off the court too,” Shifflet said.

The team often spent 3rd block and other time together outside of practices, and also believed that their friendship was vital to their success. 

“We’re all really close, and it’s definitely helped us have an amazing season,” freshman Hailey Park said. 

Tight bonding of any team is crucial to seamless teamwork, and the volleyball team has proven to be a master of  this.                                                 

“We’ve been doing well as a team to communicate, which helps us a lot with working together really smoothly on the court,” freshman Claire Mo said. 

Along with the team’s successful communication, their sheer skill levels have been extremely advanced this season, which is what truly sets them apart from other teams. 

“Since all of their skill levels were so equal and advanced, they knew exactly where to be and what to do during games,” Shifflett said.

In comparison to other schools, the depth of the Saxons and their burning fire energy is why they are often recognized as Virginia’s best high school volleyball team.

“Compared to other teams, we have really strong hitters,” Mo said. “We’re also good at predicting what the other players are going to do, which helped us throughout the season.”

This year’s remarkable season was an extremely memorable one, and all the players that will still be at Langley are eagerly looking forward to the next one. With 5 seniors leaving next year, the team hopes to keep up the same energy and success rate of this year. 

“I learned so much from my teammates this season and I can’t wait until next year,” Park said.