The Five Week Itch

How students and teachers react to the approaching 5 day weeks

The Five Week Itch

As of this year, the number of days off has increased. However, now they have hit a dry spell. After the holiday cheer and anticipation has worn off, it’s now time for the long stretch of five-day weeks.

The many days off in the fall satisfied much of our Langley community. This year was the first time Fairfax County respected and observed holidays from various religions.

“I feel like [the changes are a good idea] because the days off we had in the fall were for a good reason. It was being more culturally responsive to the needs of our community,” Spanish teacher Rachel Iacoletti said.

Even though there were more days off in the fall, all the holiday cheer fell flat as there is now the dilemma of multiple consecutive full weeks.

“I just wish it would snow so we would have a couple of days off,” Iacoletti said. “Five-day weeks always feel long no matter what.”

With the recent warm weather, the hope for a snow day has been lost. Many teachers have developed strategies to deal with the long road ahead.

“[I try] taking it one day at a time [and] not thinking about the stretches of weeks [ahead],” Iacoletti said.

Additionally, some students feel more affected because the weeks aren’t going by as fast due to the fewer days off.

“I would redistribute the amount of days we have off throughout the entire year,” Junior Xander Arends said. “It’s going to be hard now that I’m used to having days off.”

The days off lessen the stress for many. Pushing breaks to the beginning of the school year makes the days in the winter months feel longer as there is less to be excited about.

“I would move homecoming [further] into the school year because you want something to look forward to,” Arends said.

Now that many of these school events have passed, there are fewer things to look forward to for the rest of the school year. The anticipation is rising, and the stress of the five-day week itch is mounting for some.

“I think we are all going to be very stressed,” Arends said.