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Model UN Victory

Sophomore Divya Tewari, junior Miriam Ahmed, and senior Sandy Jolles are valuable members of the MUN team.

Arianna Talaie, Feature Editor

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Over the weekend, fifty Langley students participated in a Model UN tournament at Chantilly High School. For many, it was their first tournament. Langley did extremely well, taking the Under Secretary’s General Award for Best Delegation. There were also many individual awards.

Verbal: Eric Abravanel, Margo Swomley, Chris Roman, Mike Gannon, Andrew Havasy, Amitesse Gover-Chamlou, Chaffee Duckers

Honorable: Tara Hosseini, Lucy Alexander, Mujtaba Wani, Miriam Ahmed,

Outstanding: Kimiya H., Arianna Talaie, Rahul Sharma , Bradley Cheng, Kyle McConnaughay, Sabrina Khan, Gray Decker, Tarun Sharma

Best Delegate: Tyler Planto and Will Mannon

Additional reporting and writing done by Aimee Cho

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Bringing you the latest at Langley
Model UN Victory