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Fashion fever takes over

Katie Storch

All around the school, fashion marketing students have been hanging banners to promote the fashion show.

Katie Storch, Staff Writer

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Anybody who walks into Langley will notice posters displayed from wall-to-wall, glitter sprinkled on the floors, and brightly colored feathers hung from the staircases – just some of the festive and creative evidence that the Fashion Show is coming to the Langley stage on Saturday, Feb. 11.

The Fashion Show is a yearly tradition, and is one of Langley’s most popular events. Fashion Marketing students are in charge of the show. They decide the theme, select the models, approve each models’ outfit, and coordinate all the promotion plans. Some fashion students even sketch their own designs, then use sewing machines to bring those ideas to life.  Volunteer models tried out in early January.

This theme for the show this year is ‘Walk Into the Wild’.  The show will be organized into thirteen different scenes, and models will perform their carefully crafted and practiced choreographic moves along the stage and catwalk.

One of the most anticipated scenes in the show is the prom dress scene, which involves 39 junior girls. Junior Selma Dilek said that her dress “was about $140 because I was able to buy it on sale, but most of the models in the gown segment bought dresses that cost up to $500, or rented their dress.”  Online retailers, such as, offer a broad selection of beautiful high-end dresses.

Every day after school, the models get together to plan and coordinate performances in their costumes

“The past two weeks have been filled with rehearsals where models have practiced choreography in the same costumes they will be wearing in the show,” said sophomore Kayla Gross.

Students involved agree that, in addition to developing fashion awareness, they learn aspects of marketing and business that they would not have otherwise been exposed to. The show’s marketing coordinators must create awareness by creating inviting ads and banners.

Models will be preparing for most of Saturday afternoon. Styling will be done by a team of Paul Mitchell stylists. The stylists will work together to present a “look” that is consistent with the overall theme of the segment and show.

“There is so much behind-the-scenes work going on that people don’t even realize” said senior and co-director Jenna Weida. Weida and junior Lori Kealey, the other co-director, have been working for months to make sure the show is a success.

“[The show] was probably the most stressful for our directors and our advisor, Ms. Poythress,” said sophomore Kayla Gross.

The show has already sold out. More than one thousand people are expected to arrive for what will surely be an unforgettable evening.

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Bringing you the latest at Langley
Fashion fever takes over