International Night 2013 Preview


Na He Jeon

Hoonie Kim and Suzanne Kim sing “Safe and Sound” at last year’s Langley International Night

Leila Raminpour, Senior Staff Writer

Langley students will have the opportunity to experience various cultures from all around the world without traveling oversees to do so.

On April 26, Langley with have its annual International Night.

This year’s International Night, also known as I-Night, will include piano solos, a skit by the ESOL students, singing solos, Salsa and Bollywood dances, and a Poi Club performance.

For the finale, there will be a fashion show to exhibit traditional attire from various cultures from around the world.

“Not all of our participants are necessarily from a specific culture that they will be representing. A lot of people participate in Spanish, Chinese, and Indian performances just because they are intrigued with the culture” said junior Riya Nag.

To show her heritage, Nag will be picking the Bollywood songs for the fashion show segment of the show.

This year, booths will be set up in the auditorium lobby of displaying a country with an eye-catching poster and a cultural dish.

Many students find themselves a part of I-Night in order to show their appreciation of the background of fellow peers and friends.

“I have become friends with many students who have come from all over the world throughout my four years of being at Langley so I was really excited to be asked to participate in the show that highlights Langley’s diversity” said Senior Elizabeth Regan, who will be a part of the ESOL skit, the fashion show, and the Salsa and Bollywood performances.

Coordinator Divya Tewari makes this year International Night different from years before. She strives to make the show more representative of other cultures.

“International Night this year wants to take an all-inclusive approach by encouraging participation from multiple countries around the world” said Tewari.