The Saxon Scope

Shannon Ghahramani

When I think about myself I think about my love for reading and writing! I love fantasy books that contain romance; I love it even more when the books contain Greek mythology!  Reading is my passion because I love the stories and the creativity’s people come up with. As much as I love reading books I love traveling more. I have been to the Netherlands every year since I was a child. . When I went to Netherlands this year I learned how to ride a horse with my cousins. Riding a horse is the most exciting thing I have ever done.  I can easily say that no movie does horseback riding justice. I learned that I love to ride horses and now plan to horseback ride in Virginia. I have also been to Germany, in Germany I saw the third biggest church in the world and was captivated by the architecture. One of my favorite places I have been to was Belgium, what I loved about Belgium was that I saw a lot of beautiful church’s and a beautiful castle. What I love about traveling to different countries is you can see how different America is. Something interesting about me is than my brother and step- brother have both just gone to college and I am now the only child in my family.  Another interesting fact is that I was born on my parent’s anniversary, August 16.

Shannon Ghahramani, Reporter