The Saxon Scope

Hi, I'm Lauren and I decided to join Journalism this year because I love writing and thought reporting would be fun. I like to hear people's opinions and inside stories on different topics. As a sophomore, this is my first year taking Journalism, and I'm excited to start! A few of my hobbies include reading, drawing, and taking walks outside. Also, I adore cute woodland creatures and travelling! My favorite places I have gone to are Thailand and France, and I really want to go to Germany. I have a younger sister named Adrienne who goes to Cooper Middle School, and next year we'll both be together at Langley. We are extremely similar. I live in Great Falls, and have lived in Russia for three years. I am excited for another year at Langley. My favorite class is History because I think it's interesting to learn about the past. It's going to be a fun year at the Saxon Scope!

Lauren Malcolm, Reporter

Apr 30, 2015
The Best Night of Our Lives: Prom 2015 (Story)