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Katherine Rohloff
Hi, my name is Katherine! I am a senior and I cannot wait to continue my fourth year on the Saxon Scope. I have taken journalism ever since 7th grade. The topic I love to write about the most is personality profiles because everyone has a story and I consider it my job to find it out and present it in the most interesting way possible so that others can better appreciate that person. While on the Scope staff, I have transitioned from Assistant Editor to Online Editor to News Editor, and finally, Editor-in-Chief.  In addition to being EIC of the Scope, I am also Editor-in-Chief of Langley’s literary magazine, the Kaleidoscope, and I am a member of the Langley Yearbook staff. I also play basketball and I am Latin Honor Society President. This summer, I was given the wonderful opportunity to intern for Congressman Frank R. Wolf on Capitol Hill. During my internship, I attended interesting hearings that made me feel like an actual political journalist as I took notes for my office. Right now, I don’t know what I want to do after college, but that is what college is for-to discover my innermost passions and soar with my ambitions. This year is the Scope’s 50th Anniversary, and we will not disappoint. The Scope is now incorporating its massive social media presence into its online articles. This means that we will be embedding tweets, videos, and automatically tweeting out stories to our 710 plus twitter following. So, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates, pictures and amazing stories! And keep an eye out for our award winning newsmagazine! JLOVE.

Katherine Rohloff, Editor-in-Chief

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