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Sarah Campness

Sarah Campness, Reporter

Sarah Champness (noun): small, volatile jew. As one of your exposé columnists, I am super excited to expose Langley through investigative journalism. Not only do I expose, but I decompose. Compost, that is. I am a HUGE worm person, I love to observe them and hold them and smell them. When i'm not sniffing worms, I ball out a little bit. Ok, "ball out a little bit" was a massive understatement. I am reigning champion of McLean Youth house league basketball. My coach pulled me for taking too many halfcourt shots in one game but he was just jealous. More about me: I made it all the way to Juniors in Girl Scouts. That's past daisies. That's past brownies. If that doesn't show my dedication to my passions I simply don't know what will. My bat mitzvah was a truly incredible event. Not only did I get a hat, but I got a t shirt, I'll tell you that story later. I love the Scope and I'm super excited for this year!
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