Athlete of the Season: Lauren Sung


Senior Lauren Sung has been starting at the libero position on Langley’s varsity volleyball team for three years and has had a significant impact on the volleyball program at Langley.

“I started playing when I saw my long-time friend who I play with now, Amelia Kim, tell me how amazing volleyball was,” Sung said.

Sung has been playing volleyball since 6th grade and has created bonds with her teammates from a young age, allowing the team to play at a high level.

“[Sung] is very vocal which allows her to be a leader on the court and is very committed to her craft,” coach Susan Shifflett said. “She is always talking in between sets and is making sure that everyone is doing their jobs.”

According to Shifflett, Sung understands her role as a leader on the team, and being vocal allows her to make sure that everyone keeps their head up and focuses on their goals.

“She works really hard at practice and in school, but is also super goofy and fun,” senior Katie Westerheim said.

Sung’s teammates believe that she perfectly maintains the balance between a serious and humorous attitude, a skill that is essential to an athlete’s success, and one of the many ways she represents Langley well.

“Sung has been the libero of the district for the past three years,” Shifflett said.

Sung’s numerous awards display the hard work she puts in at practice and on game day.

“I am going to play Division 1 volleyball at Stetson University…when I figured out it was the place for me, it felt like all my hard work had paid off,” Sung said.

Additionally, Sung expresses tremendous gratitude towards her parents, crediting them with the progress she has made along her athletic journey.

“My parents have helped me the most in my volleyball career. From sacrificing hours out of their day to drive me to practice and tournaments to their presence on and off the court,” Sung said.

Sung’s coach and teammates continuously praise her hard work and determination throughout her volleyball career. The recruitment process is long and rigorous, but the effort she has put into volleyball has allowed her to move on to the next level.