The rivalry cup

Langley’s boys basketball team loses to McLean for the second year in a row


Langley Saxons faced off against the McLean Highlanders to settle a decades-old rivalry (Photo by Sehaat).

Jiaan Sehhat, Reporter

The game was close; both teams battling for the infamous McLean-Langley rivalry trophy. The Saxons led the entire first half leading 13-6 at the end of the first quarter and 21-18 by halftime. But on January 31st, the McLean Highlanders basketball team defeated the Langley Saxons 42-33.

When both teams initially faced off this season, Langley defeated McLean 51-41.

“We should have won the game, we worked so hard throughout the game but started to play sloppy in the second half and gave up the lead,” senior Addison Wallace said. “I think we just got tired in the second half because the gym was so hot. There was like no air conditioning in the gym which made us so hot and exhausted.”

Throughout the second half, Langley began to lose the lead progressively in the third and fourth quarters.

“I didn’t get a chance to get in the game but I was so tired because of the heat in the gym,” Wallace said.  

Last year Langley was similarly unable to attain a win against the McLean Highlanders for the rivalry cup.

“It really sucks losing the rivalry game rivalry cup game back to back, but our team is still capable of winning the district championship,” Langley assistant coach Billy Wilkerson said. As of now, the Saxon basketball team is 2-5 in their district games.

“We haven’t lost any games by much. When the team loses, they only lose by less than 10 points,” Wilkerson said. The Saxons have lost twelve games this season by under eight points. 

“We lost to Langley the first time but we capitalized this game and won the rivalry trophy,” said McLean junior Chris Cornell. Cornell is a starter for the McLean Highlanders basketball team and helped his team to victory. “Nothing feels better than winning a rivalry game,” Cornell said.  

“Our record may not show it, but our team is more than capable of winning the district championship,” Wilkerson said.   

McLean Highlanders bested the Langley Saxons in a score of 42-33 on January 31st (Photo by Sehhat).