Monday night might

Langley’s varsity volleyball team defeats McLean in a 3-1 win


Sabrina Duque-Lewis crouches to pass the ball to her teammates during a match (Photos by Yousuf Mufti).

The Saxon Scope

Langley’s varsity volleyball team faced off with the McLean Highlanders this past Monday, snagging a win for the Saxons with a final score of 3-1.

“We did start off sloppy,” head volleyball coach Susan Shifflett said. “Monday games are hard because we haven’t practiced the day before, but [the team] pulled it together and our passing definitely improved.”

The players weren’t the only highlight of the night. The stands were crowded with enthusiastic fans and Saxon supporters and parents, all cheering on the players which drastically improved morale.

“The crowd was great…we’re always very appreciate of that,” Shifflett said.

Junior Kylie Allen plays #14 as a middle hitter, and distinctly recalls Swaak’s staple play.

“She kicked the ball with her foot, [and] we were able to kill it for the point,” Allen said.

“I felt that we all played to our full potential. Everything we worked on in practice came together and we played really well, there was so much energy on and off the court. It was really exciting and felt great to beat our rival,” Allen said.

“Last point of the match was made by [junior] Ceren Mert; she did a jump in a kind of crazy play and got the ball over the net, she’s such a smart player,” Shifflett said. “A lot of them had a really good game. Olivia Frankie, Helena Swaak, Kylie Allen were the top hitters, [but] they all played well.”