The Journey of Duncan Brown

Duncan’s inspiring story, transitioning from quarterback to wide receiver

Tucker Harrel, Staff Writer

Duncan Brown grew up living and breathing the game of football.  Athleticism has been in his family’s blood since the beginning of time.  “My uncle is in the college football hall of fame, and my dad started all four years in college,” said Brown.  Ever since he was a young boy, Duncan aspired to be a successful football player when he grew up.  “All I could think about when I was younger was being the best quarterback in the land” he said.  Key word-Quarterback.

Duncan had played eight years of youth football before entering high school.  What position did he play all eight years?  Quarterback.  He also had a very successful freshman year playing football for Langley High School.  What position did he play on the freshman team?  Quarterback.  “Quarterbacking an offense was my one of my favorite things ever,” said Brown.

This year, a big change occurred.  “Changing positions was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, both as a football player and a man,” Brown said.  Going into his sophomore season on the junior varsity football team at Langley, Duncan was switched from quarterback to wide receiver on the offensive side of the ball.  “Learning a whole new position was challenging, yet fun.  It gave me a new perspective on the game of football, which ultimately benefited me in the long run,” said Brown.  Being on the receiving end of a throw, instead of being the person delivering the throw was a big change.

Duncan displaying extreme athleticism, hauled in five touchdowns during the season.  “Duncan was the best player on the team this season.  He gave us an edge over a number of teams that we faced,” said fellow teammate and close friend, Wyatt Harrell.  Duncan’s five touchdowns led the team this year, as he established himself as the best wide receiver on the team.   “Duncan was a leader both on and off the field for us this year,” said Duncan’s coach, Coach Freeman.  Duncan gave the junior varsity football a spark in the mental aspect of the game too. Duncan Brown clearly a jack of all trades, showed off his versatility on the junior varsity football team, pulling off the impossible and succeeding at a position he had never played before:  wide receiver.  While going through a change in position, he still stood as a team leader. “I tried to lead in the best way I knew how, and that was to push my teammates to be the best they could possibly be,” Brown said.