Langley vs. Potomac Falls Football Home Opener (With Photos)


Sarah Champness, Staff Writer

The suspense is over, Langley football has come back. Ever since the fall of last year when the Saxons played their last down for the season, the students have been looking forward to standing on the shaky bleachers with the rest of their peers to cheer on the Saxons. With a long streak of away games, to kick of the season the home season opener is this Friday, September 16, against Potomac Falls. The Potomac Falls Panthers have not lost a single game so far (which in our defense, does not mean much since they have only played 3 games), and our very own Langley Saxons have not won a single game yet. To make matters worse, when the Panthers played Broad Run they won 16-10, and when the Saxons played Broad Run, they lost 28-3.

After a hard fought game, the Saxons fell to the Panthers 41-28 in regulation time.  With a relatively close game during the first two quarters, and Langley only trailing by 7 at the half (21-28), but couldn’t handle the competition and ultimately succumbed to the Panthers after a hard fought game.

In contrast, Senior quarterback Danny Hosley had a fantastic game. Coach Brian Lamb, the defensive coordinater says that “for a first year starter, he is doing phenomenal.” And by first year starter, he means this is his first year playing football ever.

When asked what the team would have to do in order to be better than last year, Junior Center Cooper Keating simply said “teamwork makes the dream work.” Very well said, Cooper. predicted the game precisely how it happened, but put into question whether “Langley could turn things around for themselves.” Although Langley couldn’t get the dub this time, there is definitlely still time left in the Saxons 2016 season.