A Year of Retirements

Will Fischler, Staff Writer

Could you imagine losing 3, possible 4 greats in just one year, well there’s no need to imagine anymore because it’s happening this year. With Kobe Bryant, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, and most likely Peyton Manning retiring this year, fans all over the world are losing a piece of their childhood.  All of these idols of inspired a new generation of basketball and football players with hall of fame level of play.

First will start with possibly one of the best basketball player to ever play, Kobe Bryant. Bryant, mostly known as KOBE! or the Black Mamba has been an inspiration since he started in 1996. JV basketball player Pasha Farahi said, “Kobe has been one of the best players ever in basketball and has been my inspiration since I started playing basketball.” Winning 5 championships, being a 4 time MVP, and leading the league as a scoring champion twice all with the same team, the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe has left a mark in the NBA that cannot and will not be forgotten.

Next will move on to a great and quiet running back, Marshawn Lynch. Lynch, nicknamed Beast Mode, is a Super Bowl champion, a 5-time pro bowler, and finished 24 all time in rushing touchdowns. JV running back Timmy Swiers said, “Marshawn is an idol of mine and I sad to see him leave, he’s been a hall of fame type running back and deserves a lot of respect.” Beast Mode will not just be remembered for his love of skittles or his media silences, but for being great and inspirational running back.

Calvin Johnson a former wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, will be remembered as a shoe-in Hall of Famer and one of the best wide receivers ever. Johnson otherwise known as Megatron has made ridiculous catches throughout his career including one which is a play when he caught a game winning touchdown in between 3 Bengals players.  This sort of play doesn’t come as a surprised for the all-time leader in receiving yards in a single season, a 6-time pro bowler, and being the fastest ever to reach 10,000 receiving yards. Johnson will be remembered as one of the best receivers to ever play.

Finally, we’ll finish with one of the best quarterbacks ever. Peyton Manning has not officially retired, but considering most people believe he will I’m going to add him to this list. Manning like the others also has a nickname, the Sheriff. JV quarterback Jimmy Keys said, “Peyton Manning is an all-time great and is one of the most inspirational players through his passion and play throughout his entire career.” Manning a 2-time super bowl champion, a 5-time MVP, and a 14-time pro bowler, will be remembered as not just an inspiration, but as one of best players in general to ever play the game of football.