What Does Ice Hockey Donate

Lucas Collazo, Reporter

At Langley, there are many types of donations that happen every once in a while. Most of them either have to do with clothes that don’t fit you anymore, canned food, or used or unused toys. Many of them have been represented by sports teams at Langley as well; one sport team in particular is the LHS ice hockey team. In their donation campaign, they hope to raise money for kids in Honduras and for the leukemia and lymphoma society. In order to raise enough money, we are calling people at their homes to get money pledges per goal that a certain player scores or goals as a team,11th grader Matthew Ongman says, explaining that if they are going to do this, they will need all the help they can get.

The Saxon Ice Hockey squad has decided to support these charities for a few reasons. First off, the Briggs Memorial which was created in loving memory of Justin Briggs is among them. Many around the Langley community knew Justin Briggs and/or his younger brother, Ben Briggs, who is now a junior this year. Saxons of all grades are supporting the lovely memories they have of Justin Briggs and the good times they remember with him.

The team is also supporting the leukemia and lymphoma society because of it’s roots with the team. Back when I was in high school, we also helped children with any terminal illnesses, Grady Little, the coach of the LHS ice hockey team states. Little also mentions that they have also assisted the National Association for Suicide Prevention. So far, most of the funds they have raised have gone towards the Justin Briggs memorial scholarship fund because many consider it to be a more personal charity. This is due to the fact that several hockey players, along with other Langley students, had a very deep bond with Justin, and they all would like to show him how much they miss him.

As a team, their biggest source of funds comes from online pledges on www.goalstogiveabetterlife.com. This website is used to spread the word about both the Justin Briggs Memorial and the goal to try and find a cure for leukemia and lymphoma. Whether or not it will work, the ice hockey team hopes to bring attention to many important causes.