Wizards Looking to Continue Last Year’s Success


Will Fischler, Staff Writer

The young Washington Wizards look to prove themselves this year by making it deep
into the playoffs, similar to last season. Over the offseason the Wizards re-signed 30-year-old
Marcin Gortat to a 5 year contract, most likely the last contract he will sign in his NBA career.
Due to the Gortat signing, the Wizards ended up losing Trevor Ariza to the Houston Rockets,
but shortly after the loss the Wizards picked themselves up and signed star veteran “The
Truth”, Paul Pierce, to a two-year contract.

With Bradly Beal out for 6-8 weeks due a preseason injury against the Hornets, the
young team looks for their leader John Wall to step up and help fill up the scoring absence.
John Wall finished 2nd in assists last year only behind Chris Paul.
Wall needs to turn the assists into points and step up and score.

This season is looking bright for the young Wizards squad as they look to become the
best in the Eastern Conference. With the Miami Heat loosing LeBron James and the Indiana
Pacers without Paul George for almost all of the 2014-2015 season the Wizards only real
competition is the Cleveland Cavilers who over the offseason signed LeBron James, Kevin Love,
and a 5 year contract extension to Kyrie Irving. The Cavs look to be a hard win for the Wizards
this season.

The Wizards are a young team that now has playoff experience and a veteran who has
won multiple championship rings. With this experience the Wizards now have something to
prove and that’s what they’re going to do this season. The Wizards are definitely a team to
watch this season with all their exciting young talent.