March Madness Predictions

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March madness has absorbed the sports population.

Shrey Dua, Reporter

Ah March Madness, a yearly event that absorbs the lives of sports fans everywhere for at least a week or so. Every year hundreds of Langley students fill out brackets with the hopes and dreams of having a perfect bracket, and every year, they are all met with disappointment and sadness as their brackets are slowly(or quickly) proven to be wrong. Tonight is the NCAA championship featuring the Connecticut Huskies against the Kentucky Wildcats, the 7th seeds ever in the championship. If it was a perfect world, it would be Virginia vs Arizona in the finals, but since it’s not, I will make a prediction on the actual championship. In a battle of Connecticut vs Kentucky, this writer has Kentucky taking it home. Kentucky has fought hard this March madness, winning no game by more than 5 points (save for first round), while UConn has won most of their games by more than 7 points, UConn won’t be ready for Kentucky, who has more experience playing in the clutch. Additionally Kentucky has a significantly stronger front court, with big men like Dakari Johnson and Julius Randle, they will be dominating in the paint, and as shown in the past: offense sells tickets,defense wins games, and rebounds win championships. By 11 pm, it will all be decided, the 2014 NCAA champions, and next year, it will start again.