Rising Above the Challenge


Photo Courtesy of Sisi Holderman

The girls' Varsity volleyball team scores another big win against the opposing Highlanders

Brendan Coffey, Opinion Editor

Langley girls’ volleyball played against McLean yesterday in yet another battle with our rival Highlanders last Monday, September 30. The girls’ freshman, JV, and Varsity volleyball all won against McLean. While the freshman and JV teams played their usual best of three competition, Varsity shook things up with a best of five game, a volleyball version of overtime, victory over the familiar team.

“We didn’t play as well as usual but showed our heart more than our skill,” said senior Sisi Holderman. She mentions that the team began to slip during the third and fourth game, but regained their teamwork in the final game to finish of the Highlanders.

“McLean’s defense was stronger than we expected,” said senior teammate Lexy Donaldson. Lexy and Sisi agreed on the strength of the Highlanders, but also on the strength of the Langley crowd. A bigger crowd than the team normally expects stepped up to the occasion, similar to the team’s performance. The team is excited about their victory and the rest of their season as Langley scores another big win against McLean and moves to 5-0 on the season.