Crew raises money for Stop Hunger Now during 2013 “Erg-A-Thon”


Members of the Langley Crew compete in the 2013 Ergathon.

Brandon Arcari, Reporter

On Saturday February 9, the Langley crew team faced off against the West Springfield Crew Team in matches of Novice Men’s, Novice Women’s, 2V Women (Junior Varsity), 2V Men (Junior Varsity), 1V Women (Varsity), and 1V Men (Varsity) in their annual Ergathon.

It is called Ergathon because the rowing machines used to practice during the winter are called ergometers or “ergs.”

The Ergathon is a competition to get as many meters as possible in 20 minutes. The Langley crew team raised $2,500 toward the Langley pyramid effort to support the Stop Hunger Now charity, which culminated in a meal packaging event that was held at Colvin Run Elementary School on Saturday, February 9.

The Langley pyramid effort raised $19,000 total, which paid for 76,000 high protein meals that were packed by volunteers.

The Langley Crew held a fundraiser event at the Great Falls Safeway on Feb. 2 and also donated a portion of the proceeds from their “Erg-a-thon” against West Springfield High School.

The money was distributed to orphanages and charities in developing countries all over the world. Langley won the competition for the second year in a row, allowing the Langley Crew to keep the “coveted seat” which is displayed in the trophy case in the Gym Lobby.

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Photos courtesy of Rob Shenk