FCPS School Board Announces “Take-Backsies” Policy on Slurs


Sebastian Ghersi, Managing Editor of Copy

On October 22nd, Karen Keys-Gamarra, an FCPS school board member and child advocacy lawyer, used a derogatory term for people with intellectual disabilities during a public meeting; she apologized after receiving backlash. 

“I apologize for my words because that’s not what is in my heart,” said Keys-Gamarra to the Washington Post.

In response to public backlash, the FCPS school board has established a brand new initiative. Eugene McRaycyst, the directing policy head, proudly announced the new plan.

“The Take-Backsies policy lets FCPS faculty and administration express themselves a lot, while still protecting students from words they don’t like,” said McRaycyst. “In the case a student gets a little bit pouty about some silly word, FCPS administration and faculty are allowed to take-backsies whatever they said.”

Some students took strong issue with the proposal.

“It’s stupid,” said Joe Joeman. “Why is our school board saying slurs during public meetings? Why are they saying slurs in general?”

McRaycyst declined to comment on Joeman’s inquiry.