The Adam Project



The production of The Adam Project was released on February 28, 2022, starring the beloved actor Ryan Reynolds playing Adam Reed as he steals a time-traveling fighter jet and jumps to the past to save his past wife Laura (Zoe Saldaña) and save the future. Directed by Shawn Levy from a screenplay written by Jonathan Tropper, T.S. Nowlin, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin. This movie is just one example of Ryan’s successful acting skills and comedic flair, as his witty commentary and character made the movie a hit with ratings of 4.4 stars and a 67% of rotten tomatoes. And it’s safe to say that the movie wouldn’t have been as successful without Reynolds.

The intro of the movie starts with an exhilarating high speed jet chase through space where one can see that Adam is wounded and his plane is damaged. But after a few sarcastic comments towards his pursuers, and some low profile cussing, he time jumps to the past year of 2022. The plane crashes dramatically into some trees and makes such a noise that a young boy living nearby explores the forest with his dog to see what caused the damage and the noise. Adam gets out of the damaged and hanging plane only to see the boy staring at him and asking him questions. It’s at this point that Adam realizes that he is staring at his past self. 

Young Adam (Walker Scobell) watches and pieces together the truth as he sees adult Adam make his way around his childhood home, knowing where everything is and how the door needs to be slammed shut twice to close properly. Adult Adam goes to sleep outside in his father’s shed while young Adam is determined to ask more questions and find out more about the future and why his older self is here, until he learns that Adam lost his wife, Laura, because of a secret about the future. Over the next few days, young and adult Adam bond as they work on repairing the ship together and trade playground insults. Things are going smoothly until adult Adam senses an attack. A futuristic plane shows up and tries to kill him, but there seems to be a familiarity when they speak to him. Adult Adam eventually has to make the decision to make sure that time travel never came to exist, but this also means that he will have never met Laura at the academy where they both attended to become time travel pilots. With lots of tears, adult Adam makes his choice to change the fate of the world.

Throughout the whole movie a comedic feel is added in for some good laughs, but it’s not overdone to the point where it would distract from the plot. The romance aspect is expertly done as you get emotionally involved in the relationships between Laura and Adam. The action is consistently well-choreographed and the filming exceptional. The back and forth banter and jokes between young and adult Adam are done in a way that would make it believable that Walker Scobell is a small version of Ryan Reynolds, and in turn creates an entertaining theme during the movie. Overall The Adam Project should receive a standing ovation for its creativity and entertainment factor. And yet again, Ryan Reynolds has made another movie for the history books.