Helen: Langley’s First Blind, Deaf, Mute Student

Michael Levetown, Coumnist

Before Keller attended the Perkins Institute for the BlindWright-Humason School for the Deaf, and The Cambridge School for Young Ladies she attended Langley High School. Unfortunately, she was expelled. This is how it all went down.

Helen Keller came to Langley in 1966, one year after its opening. No one knew that she was blind or def. This led to many unfortunate situations for Hellen. As she was walking in the school, she walked into the boy’s locker-room and sat down thinking it was English class. From day one she got detention for her incident. When someone finally helped her find her class, she said thank you in sign language. Unfortunately for Hellen, the person she thanked thought Helen was flipping them the bird. That got her sent right to the principal’s office.

After her meeting of the principal suspending her, she walked right back to English class because he didn’t hear that she was suspended. So Helen was back in the boy’s locker-room, that where she thinks English is, security guard Rich escorted her out of the building.

Helen thought she was in Math class now, but she was really in the middle of the Langley Parking lot.  The birds outside started dropping poops all over her. Helen used sign language to try and tell the teacher people were spitting spit balls at her head. Continuing her bad luck, school was dismissed at that moment. All of the students thought that she was flipping them the bird, and that is when she was atomically wedgied. After removing the underpants from her head, she was expelled and never heard from again. Because she doesn’t speak.