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Deadpool: Go, But Not With Your Parents

Jessie Smith, Staff Writer

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Deadpool was certainly not dead. I went to see Deadpool with my mom, dad and brother recently. It’s the latest Marvel Comic superhero movie, sort of a sequel to the X-Men, starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool).  It was my brother’s choice, and my dad, a huge action movie buff, was heavily in favor.  My mom and I went along, a bit hesitantly, and it proved to be worth the hour and 48 minute duration. I would say its 8.7 IMB rating is definitely not a lie. “The theater was packed and I, as well as the majority of the movie watchers exiting the theater after, was amazed with this masterpiece,” said freshman Jake Smith.

Deadpool is a story of a bad guy who turns good guy, fights evil, wins girl, and loses girl…sounds pretty typical…right?  Wrong. It’s funnier than any action movie I’ve seen.  It’s really clever, with hilarious references to other super heroes and movies and sarcastic comments on its own low budget production.  But at the same time it has raunchier, politically incorrect, “inappropriate” scenes and lines than I’ve ever seen.  The movie seems to make humor out of cancer victims, malformed people, and even blind elderly people — but in the end you realize that instead the humor allows you to see and accept them all as equals, or better.  Meanwhile, the movie is peppered with some very revealing make-out scenes, and a lot humor that I expect to find in the guys’ locker room, probably not scenes you would want to watch sitting next to your parents.

In fact, at one point my mom thought she would get up and leave.  My dad already wants to see it again.  I highly recommend seeing Deadpool, but leave your folks at home.

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