13 Hours Too Many for Clinton

Elizabeth Ellinger , Business Editor

On January 15th, 2016 the movie 13 Hours premiered detailing the true story of the Libyan attack on the American diplomatic compound housing Ambassador Christopher Stephens and his protectors. “Stevens’s death marked the first time that an American ambassador was killed in the line of duty since 1979,” according to Washington Post Journalist Janell Ross. While the movie did not specifically mention presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, it repeatedly stated the lack of help and response from the State Department, which was run by Clinton at the time. Not only was the lack of response responsible for the deaths of four Americans including the ambassador, but it was ultimately the Libyan government, not the US government, that rescued the remaining Americans according to numerous reports as well as the film.  “It was a really good movie. It made me angry that anything like this could happen and that the public didn’t know about it for so long,” said junior Lindsey Mckula.

The attack occurred on September 11, 2012 and lasted for thirteen hours. However, despite being the one in charge of the State Department at the time of the attacks, Clinton never faced any charges. However, republicans have attempted to paint her as guilty as seen through a Republican attack on her on October 22, 2015 in which they grilled Clinton on her key role in the ousting of Gaddafi as well as her lack of help. While they lacked any legal prosecution, the charges they made were enough to drop her poll numbers and let Bernie Sanders take the lead. Despite all this, Clinton commented when the movie initially came out saying that the events in Benghazi were in no way hers nor the state department’s faults. “People were scrambling trying to figure out what could be done if anything,” said Clinton. However, as time moves on, and people forget about her past, the race for the democratic nomination remains close and only time will tell who will be running for the Democrats in the end.