Why Snow Days are a Good Thing

Ben Johnson, Online Editor

Waking up for school in the morning is horrible. Everyone can agree with that. No one actually likes waking up before the rooster and going to a long day of tests, quizzes and more homework. However, the small little breaks that we call snow days make school more exciting. Waking up in the morning and finding out school is cancelled is one of the most exciting feelings in the world. Here’s why when Ryan McElveen tweets #closeFCPS, it is a good thing.\

The school day being cancelled helps student’s health by a variety of reasons. They get to sleep in which helps students stay attentive and do better in school. The average student gets less than the doctor recommended 9 ¼ hours of sleep per night. A single day off school is especially beneficial because students go to bed preparing to wake up at their normal time, but then realize they have more time to sleep. Another help to student’s health is a reduction in stress. With no homework or tests for a single day helps students recuperate and relax. Students can get their homework under control and study in preparation for upcoming assessments.

FCPS also gets popularity from snow days. The #closeFCPS has trended in the top 5 of Twitter worldwide before which makes many people aware of the situation in NOVA. As long as FCPS makes the correct decision they will develop a reputation for taking care of their students well-being and be known as a caring school system. This could attract more people to move here which, from an economic standpoint, would mean tax dollars and a better society.

From the student’s standpoint how could a snow day or snow week not be great? There are so many things to do. Netflix, sled, play Xbox, and hang with friends, what more could you want? There are so many options to spend your day away. Plus, snow comes right after winter break normally and students are normally longing for a break anyways.

When the Langley and FCPS student community is tweeting before a big snowstorm understand this is a good thing (if you did not already) and maybe even join in. In most cases it is a win win situation. So thank you snow and Ryan McElveen for helping us this winter.